Karaviotis, named defendant for Grand Jury, had been arrested in Mozambique, outer banks. Guns blazing, like in the old' west, well heck here in Moz' things are a lot worse, no holds bared, where, venomous snakes like Puff Adler, and Black Mamba, are used to get information on almost anyone, in the back water region, where Karaviotis has been hiding out, more or less, living like an African King, with his "slaves" whom he took great offense to, saying that they were his body guards.

It took a swat team, formed in Moz' of 35 men, to bring Karaviotis to his knees, and that was due to his pet Black Mamba bitting him.

 Law enforcement authorities said they had smashed the biggest illegal steroid ring in US history on Monday following a two-year investigation that spanned 10 countries, including China.

"Operation Raw Deal," cracked down on every aspect of the underground network from manufacturing to distribution to the actual buyers, the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) said in a statement.

During the operation, which began in December 2005, some 56 steroid labs were closed, 11.4 million steroid dosage units were seized, as well as 242 kilos (534 pounds) of raw steroid powder "of Chinese origin," the DEA said.

Some 50 people were arrested inside the United States during the operation's final takedown, which began on September 14,the DEA added.

The US operation took place in conjunction with enforcement operations in Mexico, Canada, China, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Thailand. 

Karaviotis, refused to give up any names, let alone where the suspected thirty billion dollars in gold was stashed around the world.

Further updates, later on Thursday.

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